Resources 2 for Bug Club

Bug Club is a literacy program which uses digital books to teach students how to read. School teachers can allocate resources to student and track student progress. It helps students improve their reading skills at school and home with exciting rewards (Bug Club, n.d.).

Figure 1. My daughter Gabriella Salama has an account with her school St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox College.

Featured image

Figure 1 “Gabriella logged in” (Bug Club, n.d.)

Figure 2. My daughter Gabriella Salama in Kindergarten has been allocated 4 book per week. Once she has completed the books new books will be allocated by her class teacher.

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Figure 2 “Gabriella weekly books” (Bug Club, n.d.)

Figure 3 the phonic club is a great teacher resource to help with pronunciation when children are reading independently.

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Figure 3 “phonics club” (Bug Club, n.d.)


Pearson. (n.d.). Bug club home. Retrieved from

Pearson. (n.d.). Bug club [Image ]. Retrieved from


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